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Description of Duplicate Contacts Remover Pro

Duplicate Contacts Remover Pro is the perfect app to deal with your Duplicate Contacts Remover Problems. This app scan automatically detects and in few second duplicate contacts on your phone, which allow you to backup your contacts and delete duplicates ones. It's the Best Contact Manager to help you with identity, remove and merge contacts.

Are you facing problems to find specific contacts especially when you change your phone or migrate from one social media account to another? Do you have problems Do you have trouble in finding the right contact number because of the duplicate contacts on your phone? If this is the case, this application "Duplicate Contacts Remover Pro" is just for you. It's the perfect Duplicates Contacts remover.

Indeed, When you switch to another phone or migrate to a new account in any social media or instant messaging service, these social media fetch all your contacts one by one and sync between your contacts in your phone and your friends/contacts on the social media site. As a result, you possibly have the same number multiple times, which makes hard to find the right person or to delete duplicate contacts one by one.

Just to be sure not to lose any contact, the deleted contacts are stored automatically in a .vcf file on your phone and can be imported and recovered again. We treat contacts as the foremost priority. So, do not worry.

In addition, Duplicate Contacts Remover allows contacts backup and Contacts transfer. Contacts can be stored and saved as .vcf, .csv and .text for your future reference. Also, these stored backup files can be shared via email or any other instant messaging application.

Main features:


1. Duplicate Contacts Detector: Scans and detects all duplicates contacts on your phone. The app search by numbers and by names to find duplicate contacts.

2. Duplicate Contacts Remover: Removes all identified duplicate contacts or exact number duplicates to makes you contacts clean keeping only one identical copy of each number. You can delete single or multiple contacts.

3. Contacts Recovery: You can recover Contacts deleted using saved files which you can use again to backup deleted contacts. The removed contacts are saved on vcf file on sd card.

4. Contacts Backup: You can export and Backup all your contacts as CSV, TEXT and VCF format.

5. Contacts Import: Contacts can be imported from SIM card, phone memory, Google or any other social media account wich is linked to your phone.

6. Contacts Export: The application allows to import and export contacts to another phone or different account.

7. Contacts Sharing: Contacts can be shared via this application via a different instant messaging application.

Disclaimer: We do not store any of users information or contacts in any form whatsoever. All contacts are stored only on your phone.

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